Advocacy and Support


Do you have questions or need assistance with legal matters, workplace problems or other issues involving discrimination?

Diabetes NSW advocates on behalf of people living with and at risk of diabetes, their families and carers.  If required, we refer people to the anti-discrimination board as well as offering diabetes education to the workplace to grow and develop understanding.

We are also passionate about lobbying government and other bodies about these issues, and similar, to gain a desirable outcome for people living with and at risk of diabetes. Follow this link to Diabetes Australia’s National Diabetes Strategy and Action Plan.

We also add our support to other causes where it’s needed. Such causes may include supporting the correction of health professional staff shortages, and any issues relating to health professional training – as we recognise how this will ultimately impact people living with and at risk of diabetes.

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We have been supporting people for over 75 years!

Questions?  Call our Customer Care Line on 1300 342 238

Workplace Information

Does your employer need more information about diabetes in the workplace? Please refer them to the following information:

Diabetes in the workplace booklet

Diabetes in the workplace flyer

If you have a question or a need for further clarification, please contact the Customer Care Line on 1300 342 238.


Diabetes NSW Position Statements

Food and Nutrition Policy

Position on Sugar

Bariatric Surgery Position Statement

Revised Australian Dietary Guidelines March 2013

Statins, healthy diet and cholesterol January 2014


For school students

Diabetes NSW works with the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) to provide school packs to children who are attending school with diabetes.

For students, parents and teachers experiencing diabetes-related problems at school, please contact the Customer Care Line on 1300 342 238.