Executive Team, Board and Committees

The Board of Diabetes NSW is made up of people with a personal experience of diabetes, healthcare experts and various business stakeholders who have an understanding of diabetes in the workplace which fuels their passion and understanding of the condition.

Diabetes NSW also has a Support Group Network which is represented by a range of ages and cultural backgrounds which collectively provides the integrity, perspective and diversity of thought the Board needs to act in the best interests of Diabetes NSW, its members and the diabetes community.

The Board meets with the Chief Executive Officer and members of the Executive Leadership Team every eight weeks to discuss the strategy and management of Diabetes NSW.

is growing
by over
7% per

Diabetes NSW is the largest member-based
diabetes organisation in Australia

The Board of Directors

  • Leo Tutt – Chairman
  • Arthur Koumoukelis
  • Anna Pino
  • Bruce Hayman
  • Bruce King
  • Geraldine Daley
  • John Bell
  • Kenneth Boorman
  • Liz Hare
  • Phil Tuck
  • Nicole Woloszuk

Financial members of Diabetes NSW elect the Board members in accordance with the constitution. The Board is responsible for:

  • Safeguarding the good name and values of the organisation
  • Acting in the best interests of Diabetes NSW
  • The overall policy, direction and control of the organisation
  • Shaping strategy
  • Ensuring financial stability
  • Improving performance

The Executive Team

  • Chief Executive Officer – Sturt Eastwood
  • Corporate Services – Francis Harris
  • Human Resources – Linda Farrugia (maternity leave contract)
  • Community and Consumer – Trish Egan
  • Contract & Health Services Delivery – Bronwyn Muir
  • Corporate Partnerships – Chelsea Ford
  • Business Effectiveness – Geoff Thomas

Governance Committees

The Governance Committees assist and advise the Board and the organisation on its effective management and sustainability.

Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee (FARM)

  • Kenneth Boorman (Chairman)
  • Bruce Hayman
  • Arthur Koumoukelis
  • Leo Tutt

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

  • Phil Tuck
  • John Bell
  • Anna Pino