Beat IT Train The Trainer Refresher

BEAT IT Trainer Refresher - Online is a refresher program for exercise professionals who have previously completed the two day face-to-face BEAT IT training course. As with the original BEAT IT training course, the Refresher is an evidence-based program for Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists and other Exercise Professionals. It is designed to review and revise the skills and knowledge required to deliver safe and effective group-based physical activity and lifestyle programs for people with or at risk of diabetes and/or other lifestyle-related chronic diseases. BEAT IT Trainer Refresher - Online includes six modules which have been developed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Accredited Practising Dietitians and Credentialled Diabetes Educators. The content covers chronic disease in Australia, the physical activity guidelines, diabetes, acute & chronic complications, exercise considerations and recommendations, and nutrition for physical activity.

Price : $195.00

Course Overview

  • Chronic Disease

    Introduction to chronic disease in Australia

    1 Course Units
  • Australian Physical Activity Guidelines

    Familiarise yourself with the updated Australian physical guidelines for adults and older adults

    1 Course Units
  • Diabetes

    An introduction to diabetes

    2 Course Units
  • Exercise Considerations for Chronic Disease

    Exercise considerations for chronic disease

    1 Course Units
  • Nutrition for Physical Activity

    Nutrition for physical activity

    1 Course Units
  • The BEAT IT Program

    The BEAT IT Program

    1 Course Units
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