National Diabetes Week was a great success, our members particularly enjoyed the forum held at NSW Parliament House on Tuesday, 15 July and today we are sharing videos capturing some of the presentations at the event.

More than 200 members attended the event that focused on Diabetes and a Healthy Mind with talks from Psychologist Dr Janine Clarke (Black Dog Institute) and General Practitioner Dr David Lim. We also presented Kellion Victory Awards to members who have lived with diabetes for more than 50 years.

To celebrate we are releasing the videos we gathered from the day, so you can share the experience our members enjoyed.

We hope you enjoy it too!

Intro and Presentation by Dr Janine Clarke – Diabetes and a Healthy Mind

Address by Sturt Eastwood

Kellion Awards

Dr David Lim – Getting the best out of your GP

Diabetes NSW & ACT - Live your life