Diabetes NSW Ambassador Roger Hanney, who has type 1 diabetes, is set to make his return to the Coast to Kosciuszko ultramarathon. He last ran the Coast to Kosci ultramarathon, which is 240km long with a 5500 ascent in just over 38.5 hours in 2012 and Diabetes NSW caught up with him to find out more about his preparation.

“It’s essentially like running six marathons while climbing an 1800-story building in completely unpredictable, but predictably extreme, weather over a period of anything from 30 to 46 hours – and I can’t wait,” Roger enthused.

A lot of hard work and preparation has gone into this race.

“It’s been heavy preparation – targeting nutrition strategies, fatigue training, stacking up a number of weekends with over 100km training on course each weekend in the hilly mountain scape of Jindabyne and Mt Kosciuszko,” he said.

Diabetes has never stopped this inspirational ambassador from achieving his dreams. Roger started running half marathons shortly after his diagnosis at 33-years-old, and he says the autoimmune disease helped him grow and develop.

“I think I have learned some pretty helpful things, practically and emotionally, by working with my type 1 diabetes under extreme conditions and these experiences have taught me some valuable lessons,” he said.

Managing diabetes only seven years on has now become a natural part of routine as he competes in marathons across the globe.

“It’s second nature – an evolving second nature that kicks my butt if I turn my back on it. Constant practice, constant testing, personal fitness and readiness to adapt are key – I have also become involved with many groups, including HypoActive, which provide great support for active people living with type 1 diabetes,” he said.

Diabetes NSW CEO Sturt Eastwood wished Roger a safe and successful run.

“On behalf of Diabetes NSW, we wish Roger all the best with his run which starts at 5.30am on Friday morning. We look forward to hearing how he gets on,” said Mr Eastwood.

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