White Christmas

Prep Time 15
Cook Time 5
Ingredients 8
Difficulty Easy
Servings 24

This White Christmas recipe does contain refined sugars and is best to save for the occasional Christmas treat!

White Christmas


1 ½ cup rice bubbles

½ cup skim milk powder

½ cup desiccated coconut

100g glace cherries, chopped (multi coloured)


1/3 cup sultanas

150g white marshmallows

80g butter or margarine



  1. Line a 18cm x 28cm tin with non-stick baking paper. Combine the rice bubbles, skim milk powder, coconut, cherries, Equal and sultanas in a bowl.
  2. Put the marshmallows and margarine into a small pan, cook over low heat, stirring until the butter and marshmallows melt completely.
  3. Pour marshmallow mixture onto the dry ingredients and mix well to combine.
  4. Spoon mixture into prepared time, and refrigerate for 4 hours or until firm. Cut into squares and serve.


Nutritional Information

Nutrient Per Serve Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 336.52 1400.55
Protein (g) 1.62 6.74
Total fat (g) 1.83 7.61
Saturated fat (g) 1.34 5.58
Cholesterol (mg) 1.80 7.51
Carbohydrate (g) 14.56 60.61
Sugars (g) 10.33 43.00
Dietary fibre (g) 0.47 1.94
Sodium (mg) 38.81 161.54


Recipe and image reproduced with permission from Equal.

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