Regular Giving

Become a Challenge Diabetes Partner

Becoming a Challenge Diabetes Partner is easy because your regular monthly donations are deducted automatically from your credit card or bank account. Not only does it save Diabetes NSW & ACT  the cost of administration but means we can support more people living with diabetes because of the security a regular gift provides.

We keep you up to date on where your money goes with regular newsletters and send a tax receipt at the end of the financial year. You can reduce or make changes to your support at any time.

Just by donating $25 a month – less than a cup of coffee a day – you can help Diabetes NSW & ACT provide research, education and support services to those living with or at risk of diabetes.

Become a Challenge Diabetes Partner today by filling in the form or call 1300 342 238 for more information of how you can help us.

Payroll Giving

Are you in full-time or part-time employment? Do you want to help make a positive difference to people’s lives? Would you like to avoid the hassle of paperwork when making donations?

Payroll giving is a regular donation via direct debit from the pre-tax pay you receive from your employer. It’s easy and free to become a payroll giver, and safe and secure to donate as the donation comes straight from your salary. If you donate before tax it will lower your taxable income, depending on your individual circumstances. It’s also a cost saving way to donate because your donation does not create more paperwork.

In addition, some employers will match your donation which means that Diabetes NSW & ACT can support more people living with or at risk of diabetes every step of the way.

Start Payroll Giving today, talk to your employer or call 1300 342 238.

At Diabetes NSW & ACT we have a dream –
that one day a cure will be found
and together we can beat diabetes!