Support Group Network

The Support Group Network is comprised of local community groups, set up to support people living with and at risk of developing diabetes. These groups are run independently with the support and assistance of Diabetes NSW & ACT.

Support groups function in a number of different ways to meet the needs of their local community. They can do this by:

  • arranging meetings and information sessions to support those living with diabetes and their families.
  • distributing information flyers, meeting and event notifications.
  • fundraising for local initiatives or on behalf of Diabetes NSW & ACT, raising funds for education programs, children and teenage camps, advocacy and research.


Click here to find your local support group.

If you would like to establish a support group in your area, Diabetes NSW & ACT have a small grants program, providing up to $300 for operational costs, mailings and meeting room booking fees.

For more details or for help setting up your Support Group, please contact our Community Fundraising department on 02 9552 9953 or by email at