Our friends at Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) have powered the Diabetes Kids Fund with their generosity since October 2015.

Their first donation of $76,000 funded 10 DiaBuddies Days, community-building events around NSW and ACT connecting kids and families living with type 1 diabetes through fun, educational activities.

We have touched the lives of over 1,200 kids and parents through our DiaBuddies Days.

Their second donation of $114,000 powers our schools agenda. We run Schools Training Workshops which equip teachers to manage students with type 1 diabetes, and provide Back to School resource kits to every newly diagnosed child in NSW and ACT.

Through this important work, we will touch the lives of over 1,000 school kids each year.

FGX uses a model with a difference. It connects investors with fund managers who waive their fee, allowing investors to donate a portion of their earnings to children’s charities.

We are honoured to be an FGX-supported charity. On behalf of kids and families living with type 1 diabetes, we thank them for their generosity.

To find out more about FGX, go to futuregeninvest.com.au

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