Getting older

Being diagnosed with diabetes can affect many aspects of your life – whether you work, travel, play sport, or are preparing for retirement. And although this change in lifestyle can feel overwhelming at times, working closely with your diabetes healthcare team will provide practical and emotional support to help make it easier and enable you to Live your Life! 

Managing your diabetes requires a balance between healthy eating, regular exercise and treatment. Your healthcare team is there to support you – and remember, the most important person in the team is you! Taking responsibility for the various aspects of your diabetes will empower you to feel more confident about managing your diabetes effectively.

Lifestyle choices don’t cause type 1 diabetes

Diabetes will become the No. 1 burden of disease
in Australia in the next five years

Although most areas of care in diabetes are the same for all ages, there are a few elements that are specific to being older.

Diabetes NSW has a range of information to assist you in understanding your condition and giving you the knowledge to make informed decisions.  This information has been put together to help you to make diabetes fit into your life, and not to fit your life into diabetes.

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Deanna Brown – Diabetes NSW Ambassador

I want to be an ambassador because I have a few friends with type 2 diabetes and from my perspective after spending time with them, the majority of them do not seem to know the seriousness of their condition and the future complications ahead for them.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1998 – I was 54 years old – and like most people at that age, I didn’t think that would happen to me. Type 2, but not type 1.  Read more

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