The carers role within the health care team is valuable. Carers keep medical appointments, assist with medication delivery and day to day support of nutrition and activity needs for an individual which is vital to their health and survival. Caring for the elderly or disabled people with diabetes poses distinct but at times similar challenges.

When caring for someone with diabetes, establishing a patient management care plan with the GP can be helpful. This plan can give a carer guidance and structure to their supports of the person in their care.

Family and carers should also explore the local community for support programs. Discussing care arrangements with a diabetes team, GP and/or practice nurse will help you access services like homecare nursing to reduce the burden on you and boost quality of care for the individual.

Diabetes NSW & ACT runs community education and prevention programs for people living with or at risk of diabetes, their carers and family, as well as health professionals.

A carers role in the healthcare team is a valuable one

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia
and all types of diabetes are increasing in prevalence

Diabetes NSW & ACT provides a broad range of support services including:

  • A dedicated Helpline 1300 342 238, for anyone seeking support, services, information, including advice from health professionals on diabetes, its complications and prevention strategies
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) specific education and support services
  • Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community services providing appropriate diabetes education and support
  • Educational forums and events, to provide the latest in diabetes research and management, where people living with diabetes and their carers can meet and support one another
  • Paediatric services focussing on the needs of babies, young people and adolescents who have diabetes, as well as those who care for them
  • Health professional education and training services.