Our Values

PBO_webDiabetes NSW is a purpose based organisation, which means that our purpose underpins everything that we do. Our vision or supporting people living with (and at risk of) diabetes every step of the way is at the front of our minds at all times.

We have 4 key values that we look for in our employees which tie in with our vision and mission. These values are of utmost importance to us and we hope that they are to you too.

Collaboration and Engagement – This is based on the idea that teams deliver more than individuals on their own, i.e 1 +1 =3. We are always looking for ways to collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

Accountability and Responsibility – Or in other words “the buck stops with me’. This means putting our hand up and taking ownership to get things done.

Respect, Integrity and Openness – There are no hidden agendas, information is shared openly, and all employees are encouraged to treat others with respect.

Excellence and Innovation – We are always striving for ways to improve our business and to create a great experience for our customers, clients and members as well as a great place to work! We encourage people to make suggestions and strive for ways to go above and beyond.

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