An ‘opportunity’ a day keeps the doctor away

By Ashley Baveas, Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Did you know:

  • If a man walked for 30 minutes a day, his risk of having a heart attack would be reduced by 37 per cent?
  • Spending time in nature improves workplace productivity, increases energy and reduces depression?

The key message is to build exercise into your life by making small adjustments to your everyday routine. So, what works best for you? What do you enjoy? Where can you find that time for yourself?

Helpful tips:
  • Find a buddy to walk/play golf/ tennis/swim/cycle with; being accountable to someone can help you get out of bed when that early alarm goes off, instead of hitting the snooze button.
  • Choose some great music to distract you away from exercise. Research shows that using distraction techniques not only makes you exercise, but it makes you exercise for longer.
  • Use free apps to help track your daily activity and motivate you to move more every day. Apps are just as helpful as motion-tracking bracelets and great if you are competitive with yourself.
  • Find a group class to join to learn some new skills, meet some new friends and have fun while you exercise.
  • Choose a new active hobby to keep you warm in winter.

Whatever you choose, let it work best for you!

There are many activities running right around the state for Men’s Health Week. From healthy breakfasts and BBQs, to corporate runs and retreats. Find out what is in your local area that interests you and meet other likeminded people.

Ask yourself, what will you do for your health today?

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