‘Service’ checks to keep the entire body tip top

By Genevieve Biviano, Credentialled Diabetes Educator

The checks recommended to ensure your chassis and motor stay well tuned and in tip top running order are often referred to as your Cycle of Care screening checks. Listed here, they monitor your systems for any sign of early mischief caused by diabetes and are part of a thorough tuning of your machinery.

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These tests can be organised with your GP; some require another health professional to do them, and your GP will guide you as to who to head to. The checks include your HbA1c, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, eyes, kidney function, sensation and blood flow in your feet, teeth and gum health, and more! The target ranges listed are the general targets however your health care team may have provided you with slightly different ranges based on your individual needs. Also, the frequency suggested is the minimum timing; testing will be repeated in shorter time frames if that is wise to keep a closer eye on what is going on.

Additional areas of health your GP is likely to check with you about are how you are tracking with your mental and sexual health. It’s really important to tune in to your state of mental wellbeing, and if it’s not quite as solid as you need it to be your GP needs to know to be able to help. Similarly, if you are experiencing any difficulties with erectile function it is important you discuss this with your GP. There are a number of causes of impotence, but in men with diabetes it may be revealing damage beginning to blood vessels and nerve function. It can be a flag for more investigations, so let your GP know if you have concerns.

We want to help you keep yourself firing on all cylinders, so check in with your GP and give us a call on 1300 342 238 if you’d like any further information.