Hoppy Easter

by Accredited Practising Dietitian, Karissa Woolfe

Living with diabetes doesn’t preclude you from hopping into Easter treats in moderation, but with all these goodies bouncing around, it can be tempting to over indulge. Why not try out these less traditional ideas for a healthier Easter.

  • Swap eating for making a DIY Easter themed craft. It serves as a great distraction technique to prevent over-eating
  • For a gift idea, swap Easter eggs for bunny tails (a packet of sugar free marshmallows). You can print a creative label for free here.
  • The Easter bunny loves eating carrots, and so can we. Serve a healthy home-made dip in mini-flower pots, with mini carrots or carrot sticks ready to be dug out.
  • Transform these fruit pikelets into an Easter bunny, using a thin wedge of rockmelon for ears, blueberries for eyes, a strawberry nose, and white sugar-free marshmallows for teeth. Recipe and image kindly provided by Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company.

But let’s be honest – there’s no escaping the presence of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns at Easter. So keep these tips in mind when stocking up the bunny’s basket…

For Easter eggs, choose quality over quantity

While chocolate contains some carbohydrate which affects your blood glucose levels, it is the saturated fat content and kilojoules we also need to be mindful of.

Over-eating chocolate can contribute to high LDL-cholesterol levels, weight gain and worsen your body’s insulin resistance.

Unfortunately, sugar-free chocolate and carob are still high in saturated fat and kilojoules, so not a good alternatives. So enjoy a small amount of the real stuff, and choose the best quality.

For hot cross buns, keep it simple and share

Hot cross buns are a source of fibre and relatively low in fat, unless of course we swap dried fruit for chocolate chips, and lather it in butter!

Did you know an average hot cross bun provides the same carbohydrate as three slices of bread?

To keep your waistline and blood glucose levels in check, look for a mini-version or split it in half and share. You might like to try this delicious recipe from Nuts for Life.