How does your lunchbox stack up?

Whether you are packing a healthy lunchbox for school, work or a day out the same basic principle applies – aim to include a variety of nutritious options that are delicious, filling and will fuel your concentration. There are five lunchbox essentials: 1 wholegrain or high fibre carb option, some vegetables, a reduced fat dairy option (for those over 2 years of age), some fruit and some lean protein. Don’t forget water.

Lunchbox inspirations (for school or work) try mixing and matching some of the following:


Work – lunchboxes to fuel success:

Whether working in an office or on a construction site packing a healthy lunchbox can help support health and energy levels. However one of the biggest challenges to doing this is finding time!

For a busy working week try some of these time saving tips…

  • Prepare extra food the night before – alternate serving it with salad or cooked vegetables to mix things up;
  • Don’t forget there are lots of convenient quick options available at the supermarket such as pre-mixed salads, microwave rice or vegetable sachets and canned tuna or salmon;
  • It doesn’t have to be gourmet to be balanced. Try a pre-mixed salad with canned tuna and wholegrain crackers.
School – lunchboxes of champions:
  • The key to providing healthy options for kids is to make it ‘fun’. Children are drawn to foods that are colourful, attractive and positive. Try cutting foods into fun shapes like stars or smiley faces and use an array of colour such as fruit kebabs. Also ensure foods are easy to eat e.g. cutting a kiwi fruit into quarters or using containers that are easy to open.
Remember food safety is a must!

Be aware of high risk foods (for example dairy foods, protein foods and cooked meals) and the environment that your lunch will be stored. Aim to use an insulated lunchbox and an ice brick to help keep your lunch and snacks cool.

And don’t forget small changes add up…