Hunter Junior Camp

Last week thirty five young people aged 9 to 13 with type one diabetes attended the Hunter Junior Camp at The Aussie Bush Camp, Tea Gardens. Over two nights and three days they participated in an action packed program of challenging activities and education sessions about looking after their diabetes.

Emma (11) old said “the camp was a new chance to learn to do things on her own and be with people like me”.  The young people work with their diabetes educators on their blood testing skills and learning about injections or pump set changes. At mealtimes they were encouraged to discuss their glucose level, how much carbohydrate they were going to eat, in relation to their exercise levels to decide on an insulin dose. Understanding the relationship between carbs, insulin and exercise is one of the main objectives the camp staff try and achieve for these you people.

Baxter’s (10) favourite thing about camp “was doing all the fun stuff” while Jemma’s (9) was “meeting friends, likes the entertaining things to do and that everyone knows about diabetes”. The recreation program was packed with activities such as high ropes, rope challenges, giant swing and lots a group games and sports.

Isabel, a RN CDE, summed camp up as “for once the kids with diabetes are not the minority and I love watching them develop new friendships and share their diabetes stories”.

Our next camp for 9 to 13 year olds will be held 21-23 September and we are now accepting applications. To find out more call 02 6581 5420 or click here.IMG_1801

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