Six ways to stay active this winter

Being physically active when the weather is icy and miserable can certainly be a challenge. But it is important that we continue to be active throughout the year, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions in order to maintain health and wellbeing.

Being active in winter can help to:

  • Get some sunshine and your daily dose of Vitamin D
  • Keep warm without turning on the heater
  • Avoid the winter weight gain
  • Improve your immunity

Below are some tips on how to stay active and fight the winter blues.

  • Have a goal or train for an event, that way, when the winter sets in you will have a reason to get up and get going.
  • Join a group. Exercising with others is a great motivator. Knowing what time you have to exercise, as well as having people who are expecting you to be there can help to get you out of the warm house.
  • Warm up inside for 5-10 minutes before going outside, this way the cooler temperature might be more welcome.
  • Dress appropriately – layering is an effective way to manage body temperature in the cooler months.
  • Try some other indoor activity like rock climbing, swimming or dancing.
  • Rent or buy a piece of exercise equipment that you can use inside on cold and wet days.

Acknowledging that being active in winter is challenging for you, is the first step in developing strategies to overcome barriers before they become a reason for increased sedentary behavior. If you know you’re someone that hibernates all winter and needs a little help to stay motivated, why not contact an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who has the knowledge and time to support you when you most need it? To talk to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist call Diabetes NSW Infoline on 1300 342 238 or search in the ‘Find an AEP’ section of the Exercise and Sports Science Australia website.