Spring is here…

Spring is here and it’s time to get out into the garden and enjoy the benefits.

The benefits of gardening go well beyond growing beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and vegetables, it can provide you with an alternate way to exercise, reduce stress and be outdoors in the fresh air.

How does gardening help you to look after your diabetes? Ask yourself if stress has an effect on your blood glucose levels, do they go up or down? Do you notice whether exercise has an effect on your blood glucose levels, do they go up or down?

Gardening is a cheap source of exercise and often a job we have to do, such as mowing the lawn or pulling the weeds. However it can be an enjoyable way to exercise at moderate intensity, achieving the recommended 2.5 hours per week. Getting out in the sunshine, moving about, digging, squatting, mowing, pushing and pulling can help you reach this goal and in turn help you look after your diabetes.

Getting out in the sunshine, growing beautiful plants in your garden and reaping the rewards of fresh produce can help relieve stress levels. Keeping a healthy mind by doing something you love and stimulating your senses can help look after your diabetes. As little as 30 minutes a day can help lower blood glucose, blood pressure and improve feelings of well-being.

Gardening can also contribute to weight loss through increased physical activity and healthier eating if you grow fresh produce. Burning energy in the garden can promote weight loss, lower blood glucose levels and lower blood pressure.

Remember, always drink plenty of water, protect your skin and know your limitations. Avoid working in the hottest parts of the day by breaking up the gardening to morning and afternoon. Avoid injury by raising plant beds and change your position every 10 minutes. Enjoy spring and your garden.