Take the time to socialise!

We all approach issues in our life in our own way and whilst certain things work for some people, another approach works best for others.

When it comes to living with a significant health condition like diabetes, some people are most comfortable investigating their management needs and looking after themselves on their own, whereas others find it helpful to attend events and gatherings where they can interact with others with diabetes.

Take the time to socialise

Diabetes NSW provides a range of events where people living with diabetes can come and meet either with a health professional on a one-on-one basis or join a group in a workshop or education session. Having the opportunity to meet others with diabetes can be extremely helpful in a number of ways. It can simply be reassuring that you are not alone in living with diabetes. At the group events you will find many other people are there for the same reason – to receive support in living with diabetes. Hearing stories from each other is a great way to learn and be encouraged – it is often the sharing of tips that have worked for others that can spur you on to trying something new, or prompt you to think of something you might not have otherwise considered.

Meeting with health professionals face to face, either through Diabetes NSW events or through your local health care team, is a vital way to ensure your health needs are being comprehensively met. For example, having a professional look at a sore foot or check your insulin injecting technique could resolved a problem before it develops into a bigger issue. It can be very helpful having a chat with someone over the phone for specific advice and guidance, but this should not replace having face-to-face time with the members of your health support team if this is possible.

Keep an eye on our website, particularly our ‘What’s On’ page, and if you spot an event that interests you, contact us on 1300 342 238 to register to attend.