The Power of Two

It’s no surprise that research supports the merits of exercising with a partner. Doing it alone is hard work, and it’s much easier to give up if you are only disappointing yourself right? The benefits of working with a friend included improved adherence, social interaction, quality of life, physiological and functional effectiveness.  Let’s have a look at these benefits in a little more detail.

Adherence: You have to define a schedule of when and where the training will take place. You are making an appointment with someone else so you are less likely to cancel on them. This level of commitment will facilitate a more consistent and disciplined workout schedule.

Social: Let’s be honest, its way more fun with someone by your side to chat to! A good workout partner is more than just someone you exercise with. It is a great way to catch up, relieve stress and the time will just fly by. Next time you are catching up with a friend, make it a healthy catch up instead of a sit down one. For example, a takeaway coffee and walk instead of sitting down (and being tempted by cake).

Quality of life: It’s simple – exercise makes us live longer, happier healthier lives. It’s the “pill” you can take every day for the rest of your life that has the ability to prevent or manage many of the lifestyle-related chronic diseases in today’s society. It improves your mental state and helps you sleep better. Why not share this type of benefit with a partner or friend? You will both be healthier and happier for it.

Physiological and functional benefits: A partner will not only motivate you to work out more often, but they will typically push you to work out harder. Research shows that you are more likely to reach your health goals than if you are doing it alone, and faster too! Partners can add a new dimension to your exercise routine, from new routes to walk or a different skill altogether.

Barriers always come up as to why we are not active in a day. Let’s jump a few of those hurdles by finding a partner in crime to be healthy and active with. One thing is for sure, you will be less likely to hit the snooze button when your friend is waiting for you at the park.

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