You too can be an ambassador for Diabetes NSW & ACT

Our Ambassador Program currently has members of all ages and at all stages of their diabetes journey, each of whom has an inspiring story to share. We hope they provide support and encouragement and help to show how you can manage the challenges of diabetes to live well.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Diabetes NSW & ACT, please contact the Helpline on 1300 342 238 to find out more.

Adam Waite
Type 1

Alannah Gilroy
Type 1

Allison Micallef
Type 1

Bill Hope
Type 1

Brian Myerson
Type 1

Bridget Foley
Type 1

Caoimhe MacCarthy Type 1

Casey MacDonald-Smith Type 1

Deanna Browne Type 1 Dinaaz Lentin CarerDominic Speranza Type 1 Drew Harrisberg Type 1
Duncan Read Type 1 Frank Lauria Type 1 Grace Gibson Type 1 Hyman Goldstein Type 2
John Hosey Type 1 John Stavert Type 1 Jorja Buckingham Type 1 Julie Strukovski Type 2
Justin Morris Type 1 Kevin Batliwala Type 1 Kirilly White Type 1 Leteasha-May Tipler-Ruttley Type 1
Lisa Bath Type 1 Lisa Harris (nee Clark)
Type 1
Melanie Galea Type 1 Olivia
Medina-du Cros
Type 1
Paris Lavalle Type 1 Phoebe Kingsley Type 1 Phoebe Wild Type 1 Rebecca Harcourt Type 1
Roger Hanney Type 1 Russell Ashley Type 2 Scot MacDonald MLC
Type 1
Steve O’Driscoll Type 1
Steve Sayers Type 2 Sylvia Mare Type 1 Tahnee Salgado Type 1 Tanya Ford Type 1
Tasnia Adiba Type 1 Ted Hartley Type 2 Tim Flakelar Type 1 Victor Strukovski Type 1
Warren Bingham Type 2 Will Sheehy Type 1 Yvonne Appleby Type 2 Zack Coulson Type 1


Join our community of over 45,000 people living with diabetes

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