Frank Lauria

Type 1

I grew up in an Italian household with a largely Mediterranean diet and at 13-years-old was healthy and athletic, in my second year of high school.

All of a sudden my appetite increased and I found myself eating a packet of Weet Bix every day for breakfast and still lost 14kg in a week!

On 26 May 1999 I went to a GP and had a blood glucose test that returned at 25.0. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and spent two weeks at Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick. All I wanted to do was continue as though nothing had changed.

Although I had supportive friends and family, I dealt with a lot of it on my own and I was really worried – there were hard times trying to learn to inject insulin and keeping my pre diabetic schedule. My determination to keep participating in activities I was passionate about kept me going!

I finished high school with a UAI of 94.00 and went on to successfully complete a Civil Engineering degree at the University of New South Wales. I played soccer competitively until I was 19 and competed in and won many amateur wrestling titles and have travelled to 29 countries and got married at 25.

I maintain a healthy HbA1c with insulin and am currently completing my Masters of Teaching so I can support and mentor teenagers who encounter adversity like I did. I still play soccer and dodgeball socially, and I love adventure races like Tough Mudder!

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