Grace Gibson

Type 1

I have lived with type 1 diabetes for 11 years and know first-hand the impacts that it has. I live in the Hunter region which has the highest per capita incidence of type 1 diabetes in Australia.

I was diagnosed in December 2003 when I was six years old. I remember it quite well as I was in hospital over Christmas. I was devastated and overwhelmed at the time of my diagnosis. I had difficulty understanding what was going on as I was only six however I was aware of the great support I had to help me through my diagnosis.

To this day I still feel devastated and overwhelmed at times knowing that I never get a break and that the Diabetes won’t go away however it is something that I have learned to live with. As difficult as it is you cannot let it stop you from living your life to the full. With the support of my friends and family and health professionals I manage to get through tough times. I’m not saying that life with Diabetes is easy and carefree now but it is manageable and liveable – it just requires a little extra work.

I think that it is important that everyone has that form of support from their friends or family or a fellow diabetic like myself because the weight of Diabetes is too heavy to carry on your own.

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