Lee Chinprahust

Type 2

I was diagnosed in early 2021. It was a big shock because I’m only 30. So really young to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

I didn’t realise I had symptoms of type 2 diabetes for many years.  I only found out this out during a standard blood test.

Since my diagnosis I have been trying to stay active. I joined a gym and also started a dodgeball team which is a really fun way to stay active with mates.

The COVID lockdowns have been challenging since the gyms and sport is temporarily closed but I have been trying to stay active every day. I’m doing home workouts and going for walks and jogs at the park.

I’m also trying to watch what I eat but I have to admit I am finding this challenging – especially when I’m working from home. I have to admit that I have a big sweet tooth and enjoy  fried foods too. So it can be hard.

I am determined to continue on this journey to get healthier and manage my diabetes.

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