Phoebe Kingsley

Type 1

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was four years old in 2010. I felt really sad at the time because I wanted a free life without anything wrong with me, like my friends. I was in hospital which was sad and stressful, and my family were really sad because I had diabetes. Even my preschool had to do a lot of work for me – but I tried to stay calm and not think about it.

I want to be healthy and tell people about my experiences with diabetes. I don’t worry about anything; just go with the flow!

Diabetes is not hard when you look after it! I was stressed when I was diagnosed and my parents took care of me a lot. Now I care more for myself and am taking more responsibility for myself. I wear a pump and diabetes doesn’t stop me from doing anything. I am just an ordinary person with diabetes – I do everything I want to do: sports (I love running), music (I play saxophone in my school band), play-dates and going to concerts.

Because I am growing up I know much more about taking care of myself and have a lot of people who care about me – my family, my friends, and I have an aide at school which helps a lot. Plus each year I have an educator come to school to educate my teachers – and my school friends have seen the video about Professor Bumblebee which has helped them.


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