Rebecca Harcourt

Type 1

I have lived with Type 1 diabetes since 1999.

I continue a full, loving and adventurous life. Since diagnosis I have travelled around our extraordinary nation here and abroad including Bardi, Pormpuraaw, Pitjantjatara, Kaurna, Biripi, Ngemba, India, Tanzania, Japan, Fiji, Galapagos Islands.

Living with diabetes can be frustrating but by taking care, working with the challenges I’m not overwhelmed.

I’m active – socially and professionally; an extrovert who equally needs “me time”. Since living with diabetes I often need 24 hours resting when my energy gets zapped. I live near the beach and love walks, swimming and fun. If I’m too tired for a long swim I’ll jump in for 10 minutes, the sea water lifts my spirits, washes away any anxieties or frustrations and when I’m too tired to go out, I’ll play music, read a book, sleep or wonder and dream about life.

My journal helps me express my frustrations, joys, hopes, doubts. Social Media is another great source of fun and strength connecting with friends and family around the world.  Writing short stories, poems and articles provides another platform to reflect, discover and share.

I’m confident with my personal diabetes management: adjusting insulin intake depending on my blood glucose levels readings, activities and health. Regular consultations with my GP, endocrinologist, specialists, reading up on developments and research, talking with close family and friends is crucial.  I’m comfortable seeking help, listening, and trusting my own sense of self. As a good friend said to me – remember to back yourself!

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