Roger Hanney

Type 1

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at Easter in 2008, just one month out from my first half-marathon at 33 years old. For three weeks I kept it to myself while I got a handle on it and my run was postponed for five months until my next opportunity.

The following year I ran my first 100km marathon which I really enjoyed, so I ran four more in the next 12 months. Then I ran my first 160km race, then some 250km desert races in Chile, China, Egypt and Antarctica. In 2013 I didn’t run anything that long, so I ran three 100km races and a 174km trail run within 30 days of each other because I enjoy challenges!

I think I have learned some pretty helpful things, practically and emotionally, by working with my diabetes under extreme conditions and these experiences have taught me some valuable lessons that could benefit others.

My current focus is on a 240km run – Coast 2 Kosciuszko – a race that starts on the sand and ends in the snow, running from Eden on the south coast to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, the top of Australia, I work full time in communications and I keep a blog –

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