Sarah Miller

Type 1

“Why me?”  That was the question I asked myself when I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes ten years ago, at age 18.

After many years of denial, ignorance, and frustration about my condition, I eventually discovered the answer – “why not me?! And how can I use my experience to inspire others?”

Since then, I have learnt to appreciate my condition, and even become grateful, as it continually influences me to live a more health focused, conscious lifestyle, which maybe I wouldn’t have paid as much attention to if it weren’t for my diagnosis.

Having travelled to twenty-one countries, and lived in four different states around Australia following a flourishing career in the radio and music industry, I can honestly say, I have never let my diabetes hold me back.

Now 28, I am in the healthiest shape of my life, with a healthy HBA1c, and I would love to inspire other diabetics, and non-diabetics to make conscious, educated decisions about their diet, and lifestyle.

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