Shaili Patel

Type 1

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus at the age of 11.

I struggled for the first two years in dealing with the condition, but then it got easier as I accepted that this was my life.

I shifted from being a child who loved ice creams to becoming disciplined about my food habits. This constant need to put my health above every other thing in my life instilled in me self-control which has allowed me to pursue my goals single-mindedly.

My parents raised me to be a kid who could live without sugar and still be happy. I would occasionally find my happiness in Sugarfree desserts that either my mother made for me or my father got for me from the market. Even today, I do not willingly take sugar unless I am having a Hypoglycaemic episode.

Before moving to Sydney, I used to run a small type one support group in India. As part of this support group, I mentored young kids with Type 1 diabetes in Ahmedabad and remotely to help them accept their life with diabetes.

I live a very full life and have been able to control by blood glucose/HBA1Cs for a long time now. I find it inspiring to help others with type 1 diabetes and help them to live life to the fullest, just like I always have!

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