Tanya Ford

Type 1

I was diagnosed in 1993 when I was only 8 years old. I had never heard of diabetes until my mum sat me on the lounge and told me I had it and we went to Camperdown Children’s Hospital where Diabetes NSW made sure we had access to all the support, services and supplies we needed. At the time I had no comprehension of how life changing it would be.

My most challenging diabetes phase so far has been in my post-adolescent years as I tried to regain control of my condition following a rather rebellious period where I stopped taking my insulin correctly so I would lose weight and because of the shame/embarrassment I felt in front of my peers at having to do everything someone with diabetes has to do.

When I met my husband I decided I wanted to be healthy, but five years of bad control wasn’t easy to undo. Diabetes NSW was offering with a pilot program for life coaching at the time and I was a participant – I am still grateful to the coach who encouraged me – she made a massive difference to the way I saw my plight.

I now use a pump and not quite two years later, I am a proud mum to two boys age two years and four months. Although I still have the odd bad control day, or eat the extra piece of chocolate, I take care of myself as best I can for the sake of my boys.

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