Victor Strukovski

Type 1

I was born in a Prisoner Of War/refugee camp in Germany at the close of WW2 and have lived with diabetes since I was two years old. There was little in the way of insulin and syringes and testing was not available to my mother so they would know what my BGLs were. There was little or no food available and very poor or non-existent medical assistance. I started receiving treatment when my parents moved to Australia two years after I was diagnosed in 1949.

Constantly testing can be a chore – but I hope to see the day when pricking your finger is a thing of the past and that there is a device you can wear that reads your blood glucose levels and advises if you need food or insulin.

I believe that with greater awareness and acceptance we can overcome the issues and stigma that is so often associated with having diabetes. It is important to demystify the disease and make it better for people who have diabetes to help them be part of the general community.

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