A fresh start!

Friday, 30 August 2019

Spring is in the air and the new season brings welcome changes. We often have more energy, vitality, and motivation as we come out of winter. Yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s a great motivating force. So jump on nature’s coat tails and take the opportunity to spring clean your routine with these top suggestions.

Spring clean your junk trunk!

Have a look in your pantry, fridge and freezer. What do you have that is high in added fatsalt and sugar? Clear them from your stores to make way for healthier items. Get rid of packets of chips, lollies and chocolates, frozen pastries (pies, sausage rolls, pizza), sugar sweetened drinks (soft drinks, sports drinks, cordials) and high sugar cereals. Replace with healthy basics such as canned beans, wholewheat pasta, steel cut oats, nuts and seeds, canned tuna and salmon (in spring water not brine), eggs and frozen veggies.

Overhaul your equipment

Clean your meter as per the manufacturer’s instructions (or ask whether your local pharmacy will do it for you), check tools that use batteries are working properly and that you have at least one back up battery. Double check your test strips and ketone strips haven’t expired, safely dispose of any expired insulin or medications, dispose of your sharps container (check your nearest location at www.safesharps.org.au).

Get outside

Vitamin D is believed to help improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin so take the warmer weather as an opportunity to get outside and give yourself of vitamin D boost. If you have a garden, spending a little time gardening is a great way to clear your mind while adding some extra exercise into your daily routine. If you’re not up to vigorous gardening or don’t have outside space, why not try planting a small herb garden in a windowsill pot? Herbs are a fantastic way to add flavor to your food without reaching for salty or sugary sauces.


If you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon, or are just feeling sluggish after winter, set a goal to start incorporating some exercise into your day. Build up slowly by committing to small achievable steps – put aside 15 minutes a day to stretch and workout. Add another 15 minutes each week and by the end of the month you could find yourself easily exercising for an hour a day.

If slow and steady doesn’t motivate you, set a goal. Decide to try a new sport, sign up for a challenge or join a free Beat It class.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t set unrealistic goals, celebrate your successes and don’t give up!

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