Ask Ange: Using an i-Port Advance

Monday, 22 May 2017

Written by Angela Blair, Accredited Diabetes Educator 
Naomi, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes many years ago, asked about using an i-Port Advance as she was fed up with all the injections she needed to manage her diabetes. Naomi takes Novorapid with meals and Lantus at night; she wanted to know if she could use both insulins in the same i-Port.

The i-Port comes with its own inserter that leaves a soft cannula in the skin. You would use the same sites you would for an injection, making sure you continue rotating your injection sites every time you need to replace the i-Port. When using the i- Port your injections are made through the small hole in the centre.

This means for the next 72 hours you will be able to make all of your injections through the i-Port, with no change in normal activity such as showering, swimming and exercising. It is compatible with all pens and syringes and can be used by children and adults. I-Port Advance is a single use device and is suitable for needle length from 5mm to 8mm.

It is recommended that Lantus, a long acting insulin, not be mixed with other insulins as it may change how the insulin works. I contacted Sanofi to check with their research team about injecting Lantus and Novorapid in the same i-Port. The recommendation was to use the i-Port for the Novorapid and inject the Lantus in a separate site. Naomi was happy with the answer and has found the i-Port provides a welcome relief from injecting directly into the skin.

For more information or to order visit or call the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700 to speak to a Diabetes Educators.

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