Five online fitness resources for people with diabetes

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

If there’s one saving grace during this time of self isolation, it’s technology! It allows you to connect with family, friends and work colleagues to share news and information. It also offers a huge range of resources to help you exercise at home. Five of our favourites are listed below.

Five online exercise resources to try this week

1. 10000 steps

Try developing a team challenge with some friends or family using the 10,000 steps challenge. Simply register at, invite your friends or family and get stepping. Doing 10,000 steps a day goes a significant way to reducing risk factors for poor cardiovascular and metabolic health.

2. Diabetes Motion Academy

When it comes to staying physically healthy, resistance training is important for improving diabetes management while ensuring good physical function into later life. Head to to find a library of exercises to inspire you for those days when you need it. Diabetes Motion Academy provides a selection of flexibility, balance, core and full body strengthening activities that you can complete in the comfort of your own home. Select 8-10 resistance exercises from the list and aim to complete these 2-4 days each week. Aim for 2-4 sets and 8-10 repetitions on each set, focusing on major muscle groups.

3. Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA)

ESSA is the governing body for exercise professionals in Australia, so is a reputable source for all things to do with health and physical activity. Similarly to the Diabetes Motion Academy, ESSA provide a database of exercise or workout ideas you can do at home simply using your bodyweight or minimal equipment. Head to for more home exercise ideas.

4. Walk at Home

Walk at Home is a popular app with lots of home aerobic exercise options to get the heart pumping. Programs offered in the app include ‘miracle miles’ and ‘walk away the pounds’. Different routines are available for older people and those with limited mobility. Walking is an effective, relatively low impact activity to maintain physical activity levels, and this program allows all age brackets the opportunity to maintain their fitness at home. Head to for more information.

5. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is another excellent app that provides online access to audio-based classes led by certified trainers. The app allows you to select music and classes specific to your interests and/or ability level. Classes on offer include stretch, yoga, elliptical and strength based activities. All can be accessed via the app and in your own time. Visit to find out more information. The app is available as a seven-day free trial.


If you’re having difficulty navigating the market in search of useful, free or inexpensive apps, videos or exercise advice call our Helpline on 1300 342 238 to talk to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist today.

Before starting a new exercise regime it is recommended you speak to your GP.

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