How many carbs in your Christmas favourites?

Monday, 30 November 2020

Christmas is a season full of food which can make it difficult to keep track of and count your carbs.

Wonderful luscious summer fruit – stone fruit, cherries, mangoes and more! Plus all the treats of traditional Christmas eating – turkey stuffing, Christmas pudding, cakes and fruit mince pies. Be still my beating heart!

I personally try to keep many Christmas foods to Christmas and Boxing Days so they remain extra special, and to ensure I can enjoy them. However, many Christmas foods come in bulk – like Christmas cake – consider freezing these foods in single serve portions sizes for other social occasions.

Here’s a guide to the carb content of some Christmas time foods. I’m not suggesting you should attempt to eat all or any of these, but just in case you choose to…

Remember, though, if your food has a label the nutrition information panel will provide a more accurate guide for your specific choice.


FoodServe sizeAmount of carbohydrate per serve
Brandy flavoured custard¼ cup, 70g12g
Candy cane1 small, 15g15g
Christmas dark fruit cake, uniced1 slice, 90g47g
Christmas light fruit cake, uniced1 slice, 80g43g
Eggnog1 cup, 265g or 250mL23g
Gingerbread man1 average, 35g24g
Mince pies1 small pie, 60g38g
Panettone1 serve, 50g27g
Pavlova, not including cream or fruit1 serve, 13g11g
Rum balls1 ball, 24g12g
Summer pudding150g32g
Traditional Christmas pudding100g50g
Turkey stuffing1 heaped tablespoon, 25g6g
Yorkshire pudding1, 90g27g
White Christmas1 slice, 25g10g
 Fruit Serve sizeAmount of carbohydrate per serve
Apricots1 large, 60g4g
Grapes1 cup, 170g26g
Mango1 medium, 295g37g
Nectarines1 medium, 150g12g
Peaches1 medium, 145g10g

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, everyone!


By Dale Cooke APD

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