Med Smart

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Med Smart workshops teach you all about diabetes medications and digestion, to help you understand how your medications work.

In recent years many new medications have been developed and making sense of these can be confusing.

According to a online survey of 502 Australians aged over 18 (NPS MedicineWise), 60% of people with diabetes take up to four prescription medications on a typical day, and 28% reported missing doses of their diabetes medications.

Reasons for missing doses vary among individuals, however some common reasons include:

  • Forgetting
  • Changing routines
  • A dislike of taking medications
  • Changing food or activity instead

It has been suggested that only about 50% of patients take their medications as prescribed, indicating a level of confusion among consumers. With this in mind, Med Smart was developed with the aim to provide evidence-based information on how diabetes medications work, and in order to encourage participants to reflect on their importance.

In the workshop participants will learn about the basics of diabetes and digestion, so you can understand more about your medications. It explains what the medications are, how they work and gives the opportunity to address any concerns you may have. The program also offers a chance to discuss and problem solve any difficulties or fears you may have in taking your prescribed medications.

You will receive practical information about:

  • How medications work
  • Reading medication labels
  • Insulin
  • Side effects
  • Barriers to using medication

This program is free to attend for those registered on the NDSS.

To register for a local Med Smart program call the Diabetes NSW & ACT help line on 1300 342 238 or look online.

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