Simple swaps to lower your kj count

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Eating more and moving less does lead to weight gain. At the same time very strict diets are not the answer as they can play havoc with our hormones and hunger levels. They can also deprive our body of important nutrients.

When cutting back the kilojoules, ensure that you do it in a way that is safe and sustainable. In many cases it doesn’t have to be big changes, it just has to be consistent. For example, if you cut out a beer or a can of soft drink each day, you could lose 7kg over a year. Imagine the benefits a few extra swaps could add to this! Try swapping some of these kilojoule-dense options for nutrient-dense ones.

Swap this … For this. Per serve:
Ice cream – 2 scoops Small tub of low fat yoghurt Save 146kJ

Gain 211mg calcium

Potato chips – small packet 13 wholegrain rice crackers Save 239kJ

Gain 1.2g dietary fibre

Muesli slice bar Small handful of unsalted almonds Save 737kJ

Gain 75mg calcium, 2.3g protein

Small glass orange juice (25% juice) Fresh medium orange Save 85kJ

Gain 3.7g dietary fibre

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