Calling all veterans: Important diabetes updates

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Maintaining your health when living with diabetes requires a good understanding about your condition and access to the things you need to help you manage it well.

DVA diabetes support

One of the ways the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) supports veterans living with diabetes by providing free membership to Diabetes NSW & ACT for Veteran Gold Card or Veteran White Card holders.

Membership with your state diabetes organisation opens up access to a vast range of opportunities to learn the things that can help you live well and avoid complications.

You will have access to member newsletters and magazines, as well as local education programs, workshops and events.  An online portal for veterans living with diabetes is currently being developed.

Allied health providers

If you are a Veteran Gold or White Card holder (with an accepted service-related condition), DVA will assist you to access support from a range of allied health providers, including a Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Podiatrist.

There are also a range of aids and appliances available that can help you with day to day management of your diabetes. Many of these are subsidized.

A diabetes educator is someone who you can talk to about any aspect of your diabetes care.  They can provide the latest information about medications, keep track of blood glucose levels, and reduce the risk of diabetes complications.

Self-management plan

They can provide detailed information about your diabetes and work with you to develop a diabetes self-management plan.  Your GP or Specialist can refer you for up to 12 sessions at a time with a diabetes educator.

Other health professionals will give you detailed information and treatments for their area of expertise. Your GP or Specialist can refer you for up to 12 sessions at a time with your Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and/or Podiatrist.

Diabetes products and equipment

Visit the Diabetes Shop to find a range of diabetes products and equipment subsidised by DVA through the Rehabilitation Appliance (RAP) Program. Blood glucose monitors, lancet devices, sharps containers, and blood glucose diaries as well as a range of other diabetes management essentials are available. Find out more and download a product order form here, or phone us on 1800 637 700 and we will help you to place an order.

We know diabetes is a serious and complex condition but learning how to manage it will help you to live a long and full life.

Talk to your GP

Being able to access the support and tools you need when you need them is really important.

Talk to us, your GP or your Health Care Specialist to find out more about what is available and how you can access it.

By Nicole McClure Registered Nurse, Credentialled Diabetes Educator

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