Win the war on waste

Monday, 7 November 2016

Did you know Australians throw out 20% of the food they buy? Some of the following tips may help minimise food waste at home which can benefit your health and your wallet:

Be one step ahead:  Plan out your week ahead for snacks and meals. Knowing exactly what you need will mean there is less leftover to throw away. It also means there is less room for non-hungry eating – if it is not in the pantry it is not tempting.

Shop smarter: A shopping list can help reduce impulse buys. When shopping, consider sticking to the outskirts of the supermarket where fresh produce is found. This also helps you avoid filling up your trolley with non-essentials. Don’t forget never shop on an empty stomach as hungry hormones can encourage poor decisions and unnecessary extras.

Embrace imperfections: Many supermarkets offer fresh produce at a reduced cost just because they look slightly different. In many cases these options are just as nutritious and by purchasing them not only are you getting a bargain but you are helping minimise waste.

Get creative: If you have leftovers you can always freeze for later on in the week. Portion out in an appropriate airtight container or snap lock bag, label and date to avoid confusion. If you are feeling creative you can always use your leftovers to form the base of a brand new dish. For example add a little cumin, cayenne pepper, chilli, capsicum and kidney beans to Bolognese mince and ta-da! You have chilli con carne.

Stock take: It is spring and what better time to spring clean your pantry or fridge. This will remind you what you already have and what is expiring soon.  

Compost: Even inedible food leftovers e.g. apple cores, veggie peels and egg shells can be reused. Starting your own compost will help feed your plants and avoid excess food going to waste.

Don’t forget edible skin on fruit and vegetables can also be a good source of fibre and further save waste.

Share: Extra food always makes for a nice gift to share with others but don’t forget to share the value of winning the war on waste. Encouraging others to make similar changes may seem like small steps but add up to giant leaps!  

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