Circle – Australia’s highest circulating health and wellbeing magazine is packed with features and information to help you better manage your diabetes and live well.

Our quarterly magazine, is free to all members of the Live Your Life Community and is delivered directly to your mailbox four times a year.

What’s inside?

Circle is packed with:

  • Essential information to help you look after your diabetes
  • Expert exercise tips
  • Lifestyle ideas
  • Advice on nutrition
  • Real life stories
  • Dietitian-approved recipes
  • Details on local community events
  • Coverage of national and international news and research

Circle is the only magazine you need to help you live well with diabetes.

Recent features

Some of our recent features include:

  • Looking after your fingers and injection sites
  • Low carb eating for people with diabetes
  • Portion distortion: What’s a normal serving size
  • 5 fantastic ways to boost your fibre intake
  • Diabetes and Life Insurance
  • Diabetic neuropathy and exercise
  • Spring cleaning your meter

Where can you get it?

You’ll receive Circle for free when you join the Live Your Life Community. To see the range of practical tips, recipes and latest news included in the take a look at this previous edition.


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Reader testimonials

“Thank you for the wonderful magazine, Circle. It covers all aspects of diabetes in an easy to read and informative format. My partner and I get much enjoyment and benefit from the contents of the magazine. Well done.” from Tom


“I found the article on peripheral neuropathy very interesting and beneficial. It prompted me to visit my doctor because I recognised many of the symptoms listed in the article. I wanted to pass on my thanks and compliments for the article and thought I would make an effort to drop you a line and say what a great magazine you put together. Thanks for all your efforts, Circle is well worth reading.” from Caroline


“Rarely have I picked up similar magazines with so many useful bits of information for my condition. Over the 45 years that I have been dependant on this wonderful lifesaving substance of insulin I have seen many significant changes and improvements in the care of diabetes. I always found it very important to stay up to date with all the changes and this is where Circle helps me so well. To all my friends in the production of Circle a big thank you.” from Stan

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