Project Volunteering

Project volunteering provides another avenue through which organisations can help Diabetes NSW & ACT and make a meaningful difference to those living with and at risk of diabetes.

By enabling members of your organisation to work with us, we can vastly benefit from expertise that may be otherwise unavailable or un-affordable to our charity. At the same time, it provides an excellent platform through which organisations can engage their employees.

Volunteering allows staff to actively get involved in a cause close to their heart and give back to the community. It provides a platform to build friendships, extend individuals’ network of professional acquaintances, and learn new skills and gain satisfaction and self-authorship in committing time and expertise to a worthy cause.

Volunteering allows staff to actively get involved
in a cause close to their heart

The Evidence

A major 2008 study by the Kenexa Research Institute found employers with highly engaged employees, deliver 7 times greater 5 year total shareholder returns than organisations with low employee engagement.


Volunteering is incredibly rewarding to both staff and corporate organisations. Diabetes NSW & ACT acknowledges all professional volunteers’ staff time and professional expertise in our annual report, on our website and via other mediums.

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of Diabetes NSW & ACT events and outreach programs. We need your help today!

If you would like further information on Project Volunteering and how you could work with us, please enquire here. Alternatively please contact the Corporate Partnership team on 1300 342 238 to discuss.


Volunteering opportunities

There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer with Diabetes NSW & ACT on a team, organisational or individual basis. Your staff could get involved in a particular project, a special event or commit to working with us on a regular basis. A volunteer might work a few hours a day up to several days a week, or longer.

Alternatively you may wish to ‘Donate a Day’, an organisation-wide opportunity for staff to volunteer at Diabetes NSW & ACT.

At Diabetes NSW & ACT volunteering is not just administrative work, although there’s always a need for those skills, volunteers are required for wider technical expertise such as copywriting, developing marketing programs and process mapping, to name just a few. Diabetes NSW & ACT has many opportunities whereby individuals or groups from organisations can pitch in and support our purpose.