Diabetes Australia low carb position statement

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

In response to questions from people living with diabetes, health professionals and the broader community, Diabetes Australia has released a new position statement on low carbohydrate eating for people with diabetes.

Low carbohydrate diets have become popular as they are relatively easy to follow and have gained a lot of media attention. Low carbohydrate diets also have a lot of attention from people living with diabetes as a way to lose weight and assist in managing blood glucose levels.

The Diabetes Australia statement draws on the latest evidence and provides practical advice and information for people living with diabetes who are considering a low carbohydrate diet.

There is reliable evidence that a lower carbohydrate diet can be safe and useful for people living with type 2 diabetes in lowering average blood glucose levels in the short term (up to 6 months). It can also help reduce body weight and help manage heart disease risk factors, such as raised cholesterol and raised blood pressure.

A number of recent studies are reporting benefits of lower carb eating for people with type 1 diabetes, however these studies are limited in their size and design and do not provide strong evidence of benefit. Diabetes Australia believes high quality, large scale, longer term studies are necessary to further establish the effectiveness and safety of low carb eating for people with type 1 diabetes.

All people with any type of diabetes who wish to follow a low carbohydrate diet should do so in consultation with their diabetes healthcare team.

Click here to read the position statement.

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