Top Tips for Mindful Eating

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Mindful eating is simply the art of paying full attention and awareness to the food you eat. Becoming more aware of what and how you eat can have a big impact on the type and amount of food you choose.

Many of us eat quickly, without even properly chewing out food, which can easily result in overeating. Mindful eating allows you to become more aware of the subtle cues that your body is sending you as you eat, helping you appreciate and enjoy your food more, often leaving you more satisfied with less.

Simple strategies can make a world of difference to taking the first steps to eating with more awareness.

Close your eyes for a moment

Close your eyes for your first bite and focus on all the flavours in your mouth as well as smell and texture. Removing one sense allows you to heighten your others and helps you to appreciate your food and eat more slowly.

Chew your food completely

Chewing is the simplest way to build a habit of eating more mindfully. Although it is incredibly simple there is a good chance you aren’t actually chewing your food completely and are actually swallowing much of it whole. Chewing each mouthful completely helps to slow the pace of eating and often makes you feel more satisfied earlier.

Put down your fork

Between each bite of food place your fork back down on your plate. Putting your fork down forces you to relax and focus on chewing what you already have before loading up the fork for more.

Eat with other slow eaters

Without meaning to we tend to imitate the actions of those around us. For mindful eating practice this can be a very good thing if we choose to eat with other slow eaters. If the person you normally eat with is also a fast eater you might remind each other to be more mindful.

Sit at the table

So many of us eat on the run that it can be easy to lose track of what we have eaten. Making the time to sit down for each meal or snack helps to draw more attention to our eating habits and often means we will be enjoying the food more.

Use a plate

Like eating at the table rather than on the run, using a plate helps to formalise the eating experience so that we can focus on it more fully. When we eat out of a packet or bag it’s much easier to overeat than when we consciously serve our portion.

Remove distractions

Turn off the tv, put down your phone and eat away from your computer. If you are doing something else you are not really paying attention to what you are eating and can miss the fullness signals your body may be sending you.

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