Safe disposal of sharps

Sharps are medical devices that penetrate the skin and are used in the home or outside formal medical services, such as hospitals. They include syringes, pen needles, continuous glucose monitors, finger prickers (lancets) and needles used to administer insulin.

For the health and safety of the community it is important to keep sharps out of our waste and recycling systems. Most garbage or recycling facilities have people sorting garbage by hand. Safe disposal of sharps reduces the risk of harm to others and the environment.

Always make sure your sharps are secured and disposed of in a strong plastic container.

Use either:

  • An Australian Standard Sharps container
  • A puncture-resistant plastic container with a screw top

There are safe and accessible options to dispose of your sharps in your local community including:

  • Public hospitals
  • Participating pharmacies
  • Community sharps disposal bins.

Sharps disposal – What, Where and How

NSW Community Sharps brochure

View or download the NSW Community Sharps brochure or NSW Community Sharps flyer for information about sharps disposal in NSW.

Information on the disposal of sharps is also available in the following languages:

Europe: Greek, Italian, Turkish

Indian sub-continent: Bengali, Nepali, Tamil

Middle East: Arabic, Dari, Farsi

Asia: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Vietnamese, Korean, Thai

Health professionals can bulk order copies (max 50) of the leaflet printed in English, ATSI or in various languages via email or by calling our contact centre on 1300 342 238.

Community sharps disposal facilities

To locate your nearest community sharps disposal facility, get directions to the facility and view its opening hours visit

Sharps containers

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Local Council information

New South Wales – Find out how your council supports the safe disposal of sharps. NSW Health – Resources by Councils

ACT (Canberra and surrounding region) sharps disposable locations – There are safe and accessible options to dispose of your sharps in your local community:

Single sharps – Transport Canberra and City Services provide sharps disposal containers in all public toilets in urban open space.

Bulk Disposal – Sharps containers used by diabetics and other medical syringe users can be dropped off at the following locations:

  • Belconnen Health centre – Lathlain St, Belconnen
  • City Health Centre – Cnr Alinga and Moore Streets, Canberra City
  • Gungahlin Health centre – Ernst Cavanagh Street, Gungahlin
  • Phillip Health Centre – Cnr Keltie and Corinna Streets, Woden
  • Tuggeranong Health centre – Cnr Anketell and Pitman Street, Tuggeranong

Emergency Disposal (domestic only) – Sharps containers used by people living with diabetes and other medical syringe users can be dropped off at the following locations:

  • Gungahlin Recycling Drop Off Centre – O’Brien Place, Gungahlin
  • Tuggeranong Recycling Drop Off Centre – Scollay Street, Tuggeranong
  • Mitchell recycling drop-off centre – Baillieu Court, Mitchell
  • Belconnen recycling drop-off centre – Jolly Street, Belconnen
  • Phillip recycling drop-off centre – Botany Court, Phillip
  • Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre, Mugga Lane, Symonston
  • Mitchell Resource Management Centre, Flemington Road, Mitchell

Please note: there are NO sharps disposal facilities at the West Belconnen recycling drop-off centres.

Full details for ACT (Canberra and surrounding region) can be found here.

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