DiRECT-Aus and type 2 diabetes remission

DiRECT-Aus is supported by funding from the Sydney North Health Network, Diabetes NSW & ACT, Western Sydney Primary Health Network, South Western Sydney Primary Health Network, North Coast Primary Health Network and Western NSW Primary Health Network.

DiRECT-Aus and type 2 diabetes remission

DiRECT-Aus is an Australian research study replicating the DiRECT study conducted in the UK. This study showed that type 2 diabetes remission could be achieved through a structured weight management program delivered in primary care.

It was previously thought that a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes was permanent. But recent evidence suggests that type 2 diabetes may be able to be put into remission through significant weight loss. The DiRECT-Aus study is hoping to show that diabetes remission is possible and that it can be achieved through a structured weight management program delivered within general practice.

The DiRECT-Aus study is well under way, with all eligible participants recruited. The program will wrap up July 2022 and we anticipate results in 2023.

Outcomes from previous diabetes remission studies have shown that 66% of participants losing 10kg or more are able to put their diabetes in remission. While not all participants are able to put diabetes in remission, there are many important benefits beyond diabetes remission. Participants may lower blood pressure, reduce their diabetes medication, receive support to aid in weight loss and make healthier lifestyle choices.

If outcomes from DiRECT-Aus are positive, it may add to the growing body of evidence that type 2 diabetes can be put into remission. That is great news for people living with type 2 diabetes, those at risk and newly diagnosed. It may provide alternative treatment options for people living with type 2 diabetes as well as hope and motivation and a renewed sense of action after a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Who is conducting DiRECT-Aus?

DiRECT-Aus is being conducted through a collaboration between Diabetes NSW & ACT, five Primary Health Networks (PHN) including Sydney North Health Network, South Western Sydney Primary Health Network, Western Sydney Primary Health Network, Western NSW Primary Health Network and North Coast Primary Health Network. The research partner is the Boden Collaboration with the University of Sydney.

Should you want additional information about the DiRECT-Aus study, send enquiries to


Are you a GP in a practice participating in DiRECT-Aus?

Thank you for taking part in this study. If you would like additional information to support you and your patients, you can contact us at

As a GP in DiRECT-Aus, you play an important role.

What role do GPs play?

GPs play a key role in working with patients taking part in the trial, providing routine diabetes care and ensuring patient safety. This is through:

  • Referring eligible patients to take part in the program
  • Reviewing blood work
  • Managing patients’ medications
  • Engaging in ongoing monitoring and support and assessing adverse events
  • Working collaboratively with the DiRECT-Aus dietitian
  • Providing routine medical appointments and blood work, per clinical practice guidelines
  • Referring patients to additional support services upon program completion

For additional information

You can download the GP Info Pack for detailed trial information. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

DiRECT-Aus participants

We thank the hundreds of participants who took part in DiRECT-Aus and the many more who showed interest in taking part. Your participation in this program may potentially lead to changes in type 2 diabetes management in the future.

Why take part in a type 2 diabetes remission program?

Structured weight management programs, like the one delivered in DiRECT-Aus, may help you lose weight and put your type 2 diabetes into remission. You will have access to a 12-month program, the support of a dietitian to help you make healthy lifestyle choices, improve blood glucose levels, reduce blood pressure and diabetes medications and improve your quality of life.

This type of program is not suited to everyone living with diabetes. To find out whether this type of program is right for you, speak with your GP or diabetes team. Before making changes to your diet or diabetes management, speak with your GP or dietitian.

For more information about type 2 diabetes remission

For information about diabetes remission – Diabetes Australia Type 2 Diabetes Remission Position Statement

If you have additional questions about DiRECT-Aus, please contact us at

Or call the NDSS Diabetes Helpline at 1800 637 700 to speak with a dietitian, diabetes educator or exercise physiologist.

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