Help us fight for clear information about food

Change doesn’t just happen – we can make it happen together

Diabetes NSW & ACT is passionate about lobbying government and other bodies to help improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Being able to easily check the nutrition content and ingredients of food is vital when living with diabetes.

From parents who need to become experts in nutrition when their child is diagnosed with diabetes, to older people who have to learn new facts about nutrition to manage their condition to live well.

Diabetes NSW & ACT has been fighting for simple, consistent and easy to read food labels for many years. Your donation will help us to continue this fight and will help make decisions about food much easier.

We’re being swamped with information about food and it’s making it harder for us to decide on healthy food choices. Many nutrition claims used as marketing tools can be misleading: food labels have become more confusing than ever before.

As part of this campaign, we made a submission to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand recently. We are continuing to work with you and everyone living with diabetes to point out the inconsistencies and difficulties in the food labelling system.

Change in laws that affect all packaged foods does not happen quickly, and it will not happen at all unless we keep pushing for it.

Your donation today will support our food labelling campaign and other advocacy work with government. It will also provide more direct assistance to people living with diabetes, such as psychological care. Together we can make change happen sooner.

Please donate now and join us in helping people with diabetes live longer and healthier lives.

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