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Gestational diabetes, or diabetes in pregnancy, is the fastest growing type of diabetes in Australia.

The Gestational Diabetes Support Service gives expectant mothers access to information and resources to help them manage their diabetes and support their health and wellbeing. The service includes advice on food and exercise, a six-part eLearning series, access to an online chat room connecting women with others mums living with gestational diabetes and health professionals, the GDM Survival Guide and Stork Talk – Australia’s only magazine focused entirely on gestational diabetes.  

The Gestational Diabetes Support Service provides mums with an added level of support that can make all the difference to their health and the health of their babies. It’s only possible to provide all of this free of charge because of the generosity of kind people like you.  


Pregnancy is an exciting time, but a diagnosis of gestational diabetes can make many women feel out of their depth. 


Sarah’s twins, Ethan and Oliver, are now happy and healthy 18-month-old boys. Sarah reflects on her journey with gestational diabetes knowing she did everything to help herself and her boys.

“While there are a lot of things you can’t control as a parent, the good thing about gestational diabetes is that with the right support and advice you can manage it and make a positive difference for your babies.”

While we know the diagnosis can be unexpected and frightening, the Gestational Diabetes Support Service is there to help mothers and their babies.

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