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Now delivered online, DiaBuddies plays a vital role in connecting remote and regional families living with diabetes who cannot normally access face-to-face opportunities.

Since last year, DiaBuddies Online events for parents, carers and children have brightened the lives of families unable to access face-to-face diabetes support. The events have helped nurture connections between remote and isolated families and given many children and their parents the confidence they need to self-manage diabetes. Set up with the support of our generous donors, DiaBuddies Online have delivered much needed respite to many.

“Every time I talk about it, I cry,” says Danielle. “I can’t help it.”

Danielle, Boyd and their two little girls live in a remote mining town. Life was busy and good when eight-year-old Augie started feeling lethargic and emotional. She started waking up to go to the toilet throughout the night.

Soon after, Augie was diagnosed with diabetes and the family’s life changed forever.

Insulin dosing, carb counting, meters, pumps, continuous glucose monitoring, set changes, hypos and hypers became part of their routine. And, Augie felt increasingly disconnected from other children. She would say things like ‘I’m the only different one; I’m the only weird one’.

During a recent DiaBuddies event, Augie met a little girl the same age and they have become close friends. On video calls they have shown each other their dogs and diabetes teddy bears complete with pumps. Their mothers help them meet over the internet and foster a friendship despite living hours away from each other.

“DiaBuddies is now our support network. It’s where we can see other people in the same situation,” says Danielle. “Even if they are thousands of kilometers away, you can still feel connected.”

In these unpredictable times positive outcomes are vital for children living with diabetes.

Diabetes NSW & ACT is working to give families like Danielle and Boyd’s access to DiaBuddies Online, community discussion forums and telehealth services. These services are all helping to combat isolation, build resilience and create essential connections for remote and regional communities.

Donate now to combat isolation, advocate and care for people living with diabetes. Your generosity will help brighten up someone’s day.

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