Annual Cycle of Care

Liverpool Catholic Club 424 - 458 Hoxton Park Road , Prestons

  • Diabetes changes over time and can lead to complications that affect your kidneys, eyes, feet or heart. The Annual Cycle of Care is designed to assist you in keeping your diabetes care on track.
  • Our trained health professionals will perform a number of tests and measurements in order to identify any problems early to reduce the risk of these diabetes related complications.
  • You will also have the chance to ask them any questions you may have about your diabetes
  • At the screening, the tests performed include HbA1C (three month average of your blood glucose levels), cholesterol, kidney health check, foot examination, blood pressure, and BMI.
  • Attendees can bring their blood glucose meter to be calibrated for accuracy
  • This screening does not replace regular visits with your local diabetes healthcare team. If you are unsure whether to attend, please discuss with your general practitioner

Event Details

Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Thursday, 5 March 2020 09:30 AM - 01:15 PM FREE Sydney - South Western Suburbs

Liverpool Catholic Club 424 - 458 Hoxton Park Road, Prestons 2170 Google Maps

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