Diabuddies Online: Children's Session


This event is for children aged 5-15 years with type 1 diabetes, we encourage siblings to join in too. 

Kitchen chemistry with Street Science

In this session, children will have the opportunity to explore the properties of fresh versus salt water and components of solubility as we combine different solutions. They will examine the density and properties of solids and liquids, and get familiar with removing heat from materials by making homemade ice-cream! Join us online for some afterschool fun and to meet fellow DiaBuddies! 

To have a hands-on experience the list of material below will be required for the session:

  • Pencil and paper                               
  • 5 clear cups/jars
  • Plenty of salt - fine
  • Measuring teaspoon
  • Teaspoon / stirring stick
  • Water – cold, room temperature, and warm from the tap
  • Food colouring droppers
  • Pipette or straw
  • Ice cubes - lots
  • Plate or tray
  • 2 large zip lock bags
  • Milk and flavouring (or juice, cordial)
  • Tea towel

The presentation of DiaBuddies Online has been made possible through the generous support of Future Generations Australia.

Places are limited and registrations are essential.

If you have any further questions please call 1300 342 238, or email events@diabetesnsw.com.au

Event Details

Kids & Teens, Type 1 Wednesday, 1 September 2021 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM FREE

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