Monitor Smart

Thirroul Bowling Leagues and Recreation Club 2B Station St , Thirroul

Learn about checking and understanding your blood glucose levels, and preventing diabetes related complications.

Do you find checking your blood glucose painful? This practical session will teach you the importance of monitoring your blood glucose levels and understanding your results. You’ll be given practical tips for effective testing and keeping your BGLs within a healthy target range.

You’ll learn all about:
•    The effects of blood glucose on your body
•    How to test and self-manage your BGLs
•    Using your monitoring device effectively
•    Setting goals to improve diabetes management and prevent future complications.

Feel free to bring your lancet and monitoring devices along for a practical demonstration.

Event Details

Type 2 Tuesday, 19 May 2020 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM FREE NSW South Eastern - South Coast, Southern Tablelands

Thirroul Bowling Leagues and Recreation Club 2B Station St, Thirroul 2515 Google Maps

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